Peak Performance Classroom Policies and Procedures

Peak Performance Classroom Policies and Procedures

Peak Performance Classroom Policies and Procedures

Payment of the course fee shall be deemed as acceptance of these policies and procedures.

Course Confirmations: The student is not enrolled in the course until we receive both: (1) an email request for registration and (2) payment for the course. If Peak Performance has not received payment, the student will not appear on the class roster.

Refund Policy: Students who register for the class but withdraw prior to the start of the first session will receive a full refund of the program price, minus a $150 processing fee. Students who withdraw after the first session but prior to the start of the second session will receive a refund of the program price, minus $250. No refund will be granted once the second session begins. Please note that you must contact the Peak Performance office directly to withdraw from the program. Refunds will be based on the date of the call and not on the number of sessions the student has actually attended.

Behavior Policy: All students enrolled in a Peak Performance course must maintain appropriate behavior at all times. Students must adhere to all school rules and regulations, respect their classmates and teachers, and contribute to a positive learning environment. A student unable or unwilling to comply with our policies may be asked by the instructor to leave class and may ultimately face expulsion. Peak Performance’s disciplinary system proceeds as follows: first offense = a phone call home to discuss the issue with the student’s parent/guardian, second offense = a letter home, third offense = expulsion from class. Peak Performance will not provide refunds to students expelled for behavioral reasons.

Attendance/Make-Up Sessions: The schedule of classes has been pre-arranged with the host location.

Students are required to attend each session. If a student must miss a practice test session, we will mail the test home for the student to complete. For more information on making up missed content, speak with the class instructor(s) directly. Peak Performance will not offer makeup classes for missed lessons. The classroom book you will receive as part of your materials packet outlines the content to be covered in each session, as well as each session’s homework assignment. You may always speak with the class instructor(s) for more information on making up missed content.

Materials: Peak Performance will provide all course materials. The materials are solely the property of Peak Performance and may be used by the student only in conjunction with an authorized Peak Performance program. Course materials will be distributed to students during the first instructional session of the class.

Students are responsible for bringing supplies for personal use, such as pens, pencils, and calculators.

Evaluations: Access to our online course evaluation and score results surveys will be made available to you via email at the conclusion of your program. We appreciate all feedback.

Score Increase Commitment: We are extremely confident that you will not find a more effective SAT preparation program, and we are willing to put our results up against those of any of our competitors.  Should a student not realize an increase* in his or her combined score following the completion of the Peak Performance program, we extend the following offer: the student may retake the class for free the next time it is offered or may choose to have two free One-on-One Tutoring sessions with a Peak Performance tutor. To qualify for our offer the student must attend every session and complete all assigned homework.

*Score Increase is calculated as follows: Starting score must be from most recent official PSAT or SAT taken prior to our program. Finishing score must be from the first official SAT offered following the completion of our program.

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