Peak Performance Can Help You Reach Your Dreams

Peak Performance Can Help You Reach Your Dreams

Over the last 10 years, Peak Performance International has provided tools to thousands of international students helping them chart their way to educational opportunities abroad. Our services reach across the globe empowering students from the US, UK, Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama gain admissions at top universities everywhere.

Our state-of-the-art Peak SAT program provides effective strategies for students to successfully tackle the challenges of this important marathon admissions test. Our Peak Compass provides vocational and personality diagnostics that orient students helping them understand their talents, interests, strengths and personal resources and then use this knowledge to identify opportunities for growth. Our Peak Mentoring program helps students assess and manage personal resources, set inspiring goals, and reach them. Our Peak College Counseling program guides students through the college application and admissions process.

Students we have worked with have been admitted to Columbia University, MIT, Princeton, Brown, U Penn, Duke, Rice, Tufts, U Chicago, UT Austin, UNC, UCLA, Waterloo, UBC, University of Toronto, University of Amsterdam, among many many others.

At Peak Performance, our goal is to help students reach their peak potential tapping into their talents and interests.

We celebrate your achievements and help your reach new summits!








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