Peak Performance International is an educational consultancy dedicated to developing multi lingual, multi cultural youth talent.

Founded in 2012 by Dan and Lisa Maria Madera, American-trained academics, social entrepreneurs and international educators, Peak empowers students to identify and develop their personal and academic resources, leveraging these so that they can reach their peak potential by strategically accessing educational opportunities and social networks around the world.

Born in Quito, Luz de las Americas, capital city of Ecuador–one of the most bio diverse, innovative and resilient countries on the planet–Peak Performance has grown and expanded and now serves students, life long learners and their families on four continents.

Peak Performance was born when Dr. Lisa Madera, then working as an international college counselor in Quito, Ecuador noticed that the SAT posed a significant obstacle for many international students, both bilingual and native English speakers.  She also noticed that if those students could simply raise their SAT scores above certain, specific levels their admissions rates and opportunities for scholarships could increase dramatically.  To increase her students’ scores, Dr. Madera set out to provide the best possible SAT training for her students.

After much research, Dr. Madera and her husband, Dr. Dan Madera, partnered with Summit Educational Group, a leading SAT training program based in Boston, Massachusetts.  With thirty-five years of experience, Summit has created a highly effective SAT prep curriculum that empowers students.  Dr. Madera’s insights soon bore fruit.  Students who enrolled in the Peak Performance SAT program saw increases in their scores and as a result received offers of admissions into a wider range of universities.

Over the last ten years, Peak Performance has expanded to other countries and other continents.  We offer SAT prep, career counseling, and a complete college counseling program.  We specialize in academic scholarships.

Our SAT prep course is specially adapted for online learning, making the Summit curriculum available to everyone, worldwide.

Peak Performance invites you to join us — and reach your peak potential!

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