Education in Times of Crisis: Peak Strategic Plan

We know that a solid education is the key to securing the future for you and your family. Now in the face of a global pandemic, your education is more important than ever but the landscape has changed and the pathways forward are not so clear. A new time and new landscape require new strategies, a new map, a new plan, and different resources.

At Peak Performance, we have always specialized in helping our clients navigate moments of transition and transformation. Our personalized tools are flexible and useful, enabling you to design a strategy to overcome obstacles and access opportunities so that you and your family can thrive and secure a better future.

Working together we will help you develop a strategic plan that allows you to identify your personal, academic, and financial resources in order to chart a successful path to college and beyond.

Our services include mentoring, vocational and college counseling, SAT test prep, express essay support, and more.

By understanding your personal, financial, and academic resources, we can help you chart the most successful pathway forward even across shifting terrain.

Talk to us! We know what it’s like to face uncertainty and can provide the resources you need to meet your educational goals and better confront the tides of change.



Individualized Tutor-based Instruction

At Peak Performance we emphasize a tutor-based form of instruction that treats each student as an individual.

Using Summit’s curriculum and strategies, our goal is respond to each student according to their own needs.

We begin this process using Summit’s specialized diagnostic materials.  Based on an initial diagnostic examination we will determine the exact strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Working directly with tutors, each student then formulates an exact strategy designed to maximize that student’s potential on the SAT.

Our program combines SAT strategy with intensive focus on English comprehension skills.

For many bi-lingual students, improving reading comprehension skills is the key to success on the SAT.

Peak Performance Partners with Summit Educational Group

Peak Performance International has partnered with Summit Educational Group, one of the leading SAT training programs in the mid-Atlantic states and New England.  Summit’s tutor-based program is used by some of the most prestigious private schools in the U.S.A. Summit’s SAT prep course, refined over 30 years, is now available in South America for the first time through Peak Performance International. Summit has successfully trained tens of thousands of students for the SAT and now Ecuadorians can also take advantage of their superb program right here at home.

Special Diagnostic Tools

Our course is guided by Summit’s specialized diagnostic tools.  Before beginning our course all students will take a special diagnostic exam.  A week later, each students will receive their results in the form of a sophisticated diagnostic instrument.  The diagnostic tool breaks each SAT section down into its component questions and orders them by difficulty.  Students, together with their tutors, will see exactly which questions they got right and which they got wrong.

By reading this diagnostic tool tutors and students can formulate a precise road map of each student’s skills and devise an exact and effective strategy that will allow each student to reach their peak potential on the SAT.

All diagnostic exams are graded and essays evaluated by Summit Educational Group in the United States.