Peak Performance provides the coaches, mentors and teachers that you need to reach your goals.

Photo: The youngest team of mountain climbers to crown Mt. Everest.

Dr. Dan Madera is the Academic Director of Peak Performance and has prepared over 1000 students for the SAT. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Dan moved to Miami, FL with his parents when he was 10. A Gators fan, Dan received his bachelors degree in English Literature from University of Florida and later received his PhD from Emory University in 2001 where he studied Literature and Cultural Theory with scholars such as the French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard.

Dr. Madera currently coordinates the Peak SAT program and personally teaches the Critical Reading sections of the exam. Over the last decade, Dan has learned how to make the Peak SAT program into a potent tool that allows students to master the test. As he explains, “The test is really a predictable, logic puzzle.  The Peak SAT program provides a key to that puzzle and puts that key in your hand. Once you understand the logic of the exam, then its mechanism springs open.”

Dr. Lisa Maria Madera serves as Executive Director of Peak Performance and Director of Peak Counseling where she works to help students identify and develop their talents empowering them so that they can access the academic and capacity building resources they need to succeed and share their unique gifts and abilities with the world.  Students Lisa Maria has worked with  have received offers of admissions at some of the best universities across the planet, often with substantial financial support including scholarships.  

Dr. Lisa Maria Madera is a writer, educator, environmental activist and community builder.  She is a Gringa Quiteña–a dual Ecuadorian American citizen born in Quito to the daughter of American immigrants to Ecuador.  Lisa graduated from the Alliance Academy International and went on to pursue her undergraduate studies at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL where she majored in English and Minored in Theater.  A Charlotte Newcombe Woodrow Wilson Scholar, Lisa Maria Madera has an M.A. in Creative Writing from S.U.N.Y Binghamton, and an interdisciplinary PhD in Culture, History and Theory from Emory University.  



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